Friday, February 26, 2010

Old-School Classic

Caroline says I should have a bread/coffee blog...

Regular half-whole wheat with cinnamon, brown sugar & walnut swirl.

Sweet, but not too sweet.


Everyone should know that our apartment is probably the best place to eat breakfast in the world, ever. You're always welcome, as long as you bring orange juice.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Saturday night, and I have no plans. Hooray!!!

Fuzzy pants, good book, new music from the library. A couple of letters I've been meaning to write. It's more fun to have a buddy for snuggling, but since he's away I suppose I'll make do by eating this extremely delicious cookie.

Nom nom nom!


A storefront in Siena, Italy. This foxy lady has been my desktop for a while now, and I wanted to share. Now, that doesn't make you happy?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Let us eat cake!

If you have not had the chance to pop in Crisan yet, you should run over there before I eat everything. It's a bakery/edible art gallery on Lark Street in Albany, and it is, simply put, the best place on earth.

The small shop has only three tables, and two enormous cases of the most stunningly beautiful pastries! I'm going to bring pictures. They also taste amazing. They are tiny works of art, covered in delicate chocolate swirls, shiny glazed fruits, real gold leaf. To be honest, I never make it past the croissants anymore, because they are everything a croissant should be. Try the ones with nutella. Not tooo much chocolate, but just enough to make you fall over dead.

Caroline and I might take to meeting there every single morning, because we are usually the only ones there and we can enjoy tiny cappuccinos and perfect confections at a leisurely pace. It makes us feel like we're in Florence, eating at Patrizia's bar. For $1 to $3, this is much more in my price range than world travel. However, I feel like it might not be contributing much to their rent.

Therefore, I highly encourage everyone to go there all the time. Order cakes! Pick up boxes of treats for your parties! I am doing my part to keep this wonderful business alive on Lark Street. You should too!

Now get out there and eat some cake!

(Crisan is closed Mondays. :( In which case, you could stop in JG's next door for a slice of their potato bacon cheddar. Equally divine in a completely different way. Mmm. )


I sleep!

Tomorrow, I work.

Saturday, I make cheese!